Beat the Heat at the Beach!

The peak of our Aussie summer is here! What better way to cool down than a day at the beach? Pack on the sunblock, bring your surfboard and head on down!

Australia is home to some of the most spectacular beaches. Beat the heat and spend your afternoon splashing in refreshing blue waters!

Whitehaven Beach, Whitsundays QLD

Sink your toes in the white silica sand of Whitehaven Beach, one of the purest in the world. This pristine and award winning beach is the top destination to be, whether you’re travelling with friends or having a romantic weekend with your partner. The Northern end of the beach is Hill Inlet, where you can feast your eyes on the shifting of sand and water, creating a gorgeous fusion of colours. 

Hyams Beach, Jervis Bay

This popular summer spot is often referred to the Whitsundays of NSW. Hyam’s beach is approximately a 2.5 hour drive from Sydney, and has one of the whitest sands in Australia! You and your friends can spend a weekend away and have endless fun basking in the sun and splashing amongst the cool waters. If you’re looking for adventure, walk to the north end for the top snorkelling spot! 

Turquoise Bay, Exmouth

Spend the afternoon relaxing, swimming and snorkeling in the gorgeous crystal clear and calm waters. Turquoise Bay is considered WA’s best beach, located in the Cape Range National Park. Let the current take you on a long-shore drift, but be wary of the strong current near the sandbar. Keep an eye out and you might even spot creatures like the moon wrasse, starfish, and a reef shark!

Cossie’s Beach, Cocos Island

This remote paradise is located on Direction Island nestled in the Cocos islands, an Australian territory in the Indian ocean. Tiptoe along the 300m powder white sand and take in the awe striking view of the shallow and clear lagoon! Go for a snorkel, a surf or play a game of golf – this is the ultimate coastal and aquatic destination for you and your friends!

Noose Main Beach, Noosa Heads

Take the family out and enjoy a day out at Noosa Main Beach, where the waves are gentle and calm, perfect for kids and not so confident swimmers! This beach is one of the few along the Australian coastline that faces the north, making it less breezy in cooler months. After a refreshing dip, take a stroll across the courtyard towards the golden sands and clear waters! has over 3000 properties across Australia. Book now and plan your summer getaway with your friends and family! >>

5 Easy Ways to Save Money for your next trip

This blog post is here to challenge the popular myth that traveling the world is only for people with rich parents,  lottery winners, or work high paying jobs…

That trip to Italy doesn’t have to be just a daydream… Learn how to spend less, save more, and earn extra cash on the side to finally venture off on that life long dream adventure.

  1. Start transferring into a travel account 
    Putting aside money directly into an account specially for travel, especially into an account that you cannot easily withdraw from, makes it easier to visualize your future travel goals and get the process well underway.You can even go that extra mile and automate your savings. Automating a portion of your paycheck into a savings account will make it easier to get on top of those travel saving goals.

  2. Assess and track your current expenses – and make cuts
    Figuring out where you spend most of your money can go a long way towards figuring out what you’re doing wrong and right when it comes to saving. Tracking expenses is an important part of learning where you can cut back or even eliminate your spending. You’ll be surprised how much the little things tend to add up…

    A simple exercise can be as simple as grabbing a piece of paper and drawing up a ‘NEEDS’ and ‘WANTS’ columns and place everything you spend money on into one of these two columns… be cut throat and brutally honest!

    Do you really need that Netflix subscription right now?

  3. Develop habits that save you money
    Going out for food with friends is fun and all but what about inviting them over for dinner at your place instead? Cooking for yourself not only puts money back in your pocket but it’s fun too!

    Instead of paying for that hefty gym membership each month, why not run in the great outdoors or exercise in the comfort of your own home!

    Walk instead of using public transport when possible, it’s way healthier and not to mention FREE! So get up that extra half an hour early and start saving on petrol and transport passes.

  4. Get a piggy bank
    Having a visual ‘bank’ to watch your money grow every day, is great motivation and encouragement to keep putting your loose change in to build up your small fortune for those travel plans!

    Get creative and decorate a jar you already have at home and print out motivational travel quotes and pictures and stick them all over the jar for that EXTRA push to get your savings well underway!

    You seriously will be blown away how much all your loose change adds up!

  5. Have a market stall
    A quick and fun way to generate some spare cash is to sell your unwanted preloved goods! Have a market stall or if time isn’t on your side sell them online (Ebay, Gumtree and Depop). 

    De-clutter your life for dollars!!!

    “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”

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Travel tips: first time travellers

Travelling for the first time on your own? Whether you’re flying interstate or across the waters, planning your vacation away can feel both exciting and daunting!

Rest assured! We got you covered. Follow our top tips to help make your first time travelling a little bit easier.


Plan and book ahead

Once you’ve decided where you’re going, and when you want to go, be sure to book your flight and accommodation as early as possible! Make sure you do your research, and keep an eye out for the cheapest flight deals and accommodation packages.

Travel insurance

Purchasing travel insurance might seem expensive, but it’s definitely worth the expense. In the case that you lose your luggage, fall sick or any other unexpected circumstance, having travel insurance will save you a heap load of financial costs!

Ensure you have a valid passport

If you don’t already have one, you should apply for your passport way ahead of time. You might not need one for domestic flights, but it is a MUST if you’re going overseas. If you already have a passport, make sure it has at least 6 months validity left after your return date!

Visa requirements

Each country is different when it comes to visa requirements. Be sure to look at whether you need to apply for a visa, how to get one and what documents are needed. If you’re holding an Australian passport, many countries don’t require a visa if you’re staying less than 90 days!


Pack lightly, and thoughtfully

It may be tempting to pack your entire closet for a 2 week trip, but trust me, it’s not easy! Lugging around an incredibly heavy suitcase or backpack is not fun – so take your time and consider what to pack, and take out anything you don’t need or won’t use.

Keep your itinerary flexible

It’s easy to create an overwhelming itinerary jam-packed with activities – but it’s better to schedule main attractions and activities, with room for unplanned opportunities, changes in plans and simply savouring every moment. This is a vacation, not a stress trip! So make the most of it, and have fun!

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