Your guide to being a more responsible traveler

Travelling for many has become a huge part of enjoying life, however, it is having an impact on our environment and the local cities that are being frequently visited, it is time to thoroughly consider how we can preserve and support the communities we visit! By making some simple choices, you will help preserve the countries culture, heritage and environment.

Re-think wildlife activities

It is particularly prevalent in South East Asia for guests to ride elephants, pet tigers or swim with the sharks, however, the cost of these activities come at the price of the animal. Within many tourism businesses involving wildlife, the well-being of the animals are not taken into consideration and as a result, many species have been classified as endangered. When you come across these activities or have considered them for your holiday, take into the consideration of the animals that are being utilized! Whether you visit a sustainable sanctuary or opt out of the activity, there’s something you can do to protect the local wildlife.

Respect local cultures and customer

Being a responsible traveler is not only taking into consideration your impacts on the environment, but also the impact you will have on the local people. It’s extremely important to respect the culture and customs of the destination you’ll be travelling to as they might adhere to a different set of social standards! In many part of the word, wearing short sleeves or short shorts aren’t appropriate, so be sure to pack accordingly. Alternatively, in other parts of the world, opposite sex communication is generally frowned upon. Before you head on your dream holiday, just be sure to look up and research any of the local rules you might need to follow.

Learn a few phrases in the local language

Language is such a large part of a country’s culture and history. Learning the local language could get you a long way and show the locals that you respect their time, space and culture. Brushing up on a few phrases like ‘hello’, ‘thank you’ or ‘please’ will show that you appreciate them! Often when you’re travelling, engaging with local people will give you a deeper insight into their lifestyles as well. Expecting everyone in foreign countries to be able to speak English could be considered rude or ignorant! You definitely don’t have to be fluent in the local language but be sure you brush up on some key phrases.

Minimise carbon emissions while travelling

Even while you’re on vacation, there are some simple things you could do to minimise carbon emissions! If you must fly to your destination, try booking direct flights and flights with carbon offset. Alternatively, you could travel by train instead as it’s a sustainable, affordable and landscape filled way to travel from city to city. When travelling around the city, you could also opt to use public transport. It’s convenient, cheap and more sustainable than renting a car or using taxis! Check out more tips on how to travel sustainably!

Travel with less waste

One sign of tourists bombarding a local area is the significant amount of waste and rubbish being left behind. Not only does it detract from the beauty of the city, an excessive amount of waste is also harmful to local animals and the environment. Regardless of whether you’ll be travelling in cities or roaming in rural areas, be sure to carry out what you carried in! While it is hard to eradicate all waste from our travel, we should still try our best to minimize it! It can be something as small as dining in at a restaurant or bringing a reusable water bottle. Check out our other tips on how to travel waste free here!

These are just some of the few simple ways in which you can help out the environment of the local residents in your destination! Another is to book home stays for a more local experience, so check out the properties we’ve got at!

Slow travel: Explore Australia’s east coast by train

You might have heard of Eurail but have you heard of the Discovery Pass? The discovery pass allows you UNLIMITED travel between 365 destinations across New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Canberra by train and coach! Starting from $232, you could get unlimited travel for fourteen days, a month, three months or six months.

All you have to do is simply buy your discovery pass and book all of your trips! If you’re not already sold, here are 5 reasons why you should travel the Australian east coast by train:

1.The scenery is amazing
Whether you’re zooming past the red land of the outback or cruising along the white coastlines, you’re bound to encounter some beautiful sights! Instead of experiencing turbulence and cloudy skies, why not experience a feast for your eyes?

2. It saves you money because the fares are fixed.
When you purchase the discovery pass, you don’t have to purchase anything else! Just grab your bags and go. There’s no need to worry about fluctuating flight prices or extremely expensive petrol prices because you’ve already paid for it! If you even want to save some more dollars, you can catch an overnight train as well!

3.It’s extremely flexible
The discovery pass is valid for unlimited travel, so you don’t have to plan everything in advance! If there’s a time and a place to be spontaneous, its now! Whether you want to book a train one week or one hour in advance, its possible with the discovery pass.

4. It’s convenient
The last thing you want to be doing when you arrive at a beautiful destination is to worry about how to get to the city center. But not to worry, most train stations and coach stops are already in the middle of the city center! With drop off stations being so close, your accommodation should only be a step away.

5. It’s helping the environment!
Trains are more energy efficient per passenger than planes or cars, which means its one of the most environmentally friendly modes of transport! Did you know train emissions are not directly released into the upper atmosphere? Who knew you could travel and save the planet at the same time!?

What are you waiting for? Get your discovery pass now! Whether you’re travelling to Byron Bay or Melbourne by train, we’ve got properties for you at!

7 things you must do in South Australia!

With urban Victoria and beachy Queensland attracting a large portion of tourists, the stunning South Australia often gets neglected! There’s a lot to experience beyond Adelaide so check out the seven things you must do when you go to South Australia!

Shuck oysters in an oyster farm

Sipping on champagne and having oysters is often seen as the epitome of luxury. Well, you can now do it while standing in the sea! One of the top things to do in South Australia is to go to the Coffin Bay Oyster Farm and eat oysters straight from the sea. Here, you’ll be able to sit in the water and watch as the oysters are being harvested! This is a once in a lifetime experience and you will be able to devour the freshest oysters you will ever taste. Shuck your own oysters, sip on some champagne and enjoy the picturesque views because you won’t get them anywhere else!

Sleep underground

Unique Underground

Why stay in a hotel when you can stay in a home that’s completely UNDERGROUND? Coober Pedy is known for their underground town filled with churches and homes. While many underground houses are available in Coober Pedy, why go anywhere else when we have them available on This swanky stay needs to have a place on your bucket list as it’s decked out with a pool, an outdoor wood barbecue and full amenities! Check it out!

Hop on board the wine train

Not just any train. A wine train. While going on a wine tours are commonplace for visitors in South Australia, there’s no wine tour like this one. Travel in style on a heritage train while you gaze out at stunning scenery and breathtaking plains. The train stops at different wineries so you have an opportunity to sample some of the wines or enjoy some bites at local restaurants!

BBQ on a buoy down the river

There’s nothing more quintessential than a barbeque, except for having a barbecue on a buoy with some of your best mates! In the heart of Adelaide, you’ll be able to float on a buoy with some of your friends and float down the river while you grill away! This is an experience not to miss as they have a variety of packages for you to choose from! Whether you want to float down and have a cheese platter with the ladies or have a barbecue with the boys on a buoy, you’ll have an amazing time!

Go fig picking

You’ve heard of strawberry and cherry picking but have you ever heard of fig picking? You can do just that at the Glen Ewin Estate! The estate is adorned with almost twelve thousand fig trees and provides you with an abundant variety of juicy figs! With only $5 entry, you’ll be bound to have a great time! If you’ve got time after all of your harvesting, also check out their fig bar for an amazing range of products.

Visit and stay on Kangaroo Island

Whether you want to visit some of the friendly native creatures or relax to the swooning sounds of the ocean, the only place to do it is in South Australia! The island has a heaping variety of activities for the whole family including quad biking, paintball, snorkeling and horse riding! If you’re after something more for the adults, check out one of the twenty three hikes for a romantic stroll or the accommodation for a stunning morning in. We recommend some of these stunning properties on!

Regardless of whatever you do or wherever you stay, you love it in South Australia. We’ve got some stunning properties on so go and check them out!

5 things you must do in Yorke Peninsula!

Only two and a half hours from Adelaide, Yorke Peninsula could be the perfect weekend getaway for you! Whether you’re a single, couple or family, it’s got something for everyone! Check out five of our favourite things you must do in Yorke Peninsula.

Take a stroll along the waters

You’d have to be crazy to not check out the views of Yorke Peninsula! Start your morning or end your busy days with a relaxing stroll along the path with some spectacular views of the crystal waters. You won’t get lost with the walking as there are walking trails that will take you on an astonishing track! On your walk, you might even bump into some native furry friends on the way! If you’re not sure where to go or where to get started, just pop by the Yorke Peninsula Visitor Information Center as most walking trails start there!

Hop on the Moonta Mines railway

Jump on board the Moonta Mines train as it gives you a guided tour of the Moonta Mines National Heritage Area! You’ll be tooting around with local drivers and shown historical landmarks of former mining operations in the area! As you zip through tunnels and zoom across planes on the railway, you’ll be sure to have a great time.

Visit an art studio or gallery

Sneak some culture in your itinerary by visiting one of the local galleries or taking a masterclass! Check out the Roar Art Escapes Studio for art retreats, master classes or pop up events! It’s situated in the timeless and historic Edithburgh and can’t be missed when visiting Yorke Peninsula. If you’ve got time, also give the Moonta Gallery a visit for some timeless pieces!

Go for a putt

When you’re in the area, you’ll notice that there are heaps of gold courses around! Although there’s a plethora of golf courses to choose from, if you’re no Tiger Woods, there’s putt putt! Whether you want to plan a romantic date or a family afternoon, Port Vincent putt putt is the place for you. It might be the only place that has putt putt with luxury views! That’s right, while you play your nine hole game of putt putt, this place offers some spectacular beach views!

Stay the night in an old flour mill

Add this to your bucket list ASAP! Stay the night at one of a kind Butterworth Mill, a restored original flour mill. It’s situated in between local wineries and close by pubs. This rustic abode is a unique part of history and was built all the way back in 1874! Spend your cozy night by the fireplace or spend the evening relaxing on the deck nestled amongst the vines! This one in a lifetime opportunity is one of our must do’s in Yorke Peninsula. Check it out here!

What are you waiting for? Yorke Peninsula is definitely a place you have to put on you bucket list! Check out our properties at so you can have the perfect weekend getaway.

Escape to Adelaide Hills!

Located east of Adelaide in South Australia is the Adelaide Hills region, home to some of the best food, wine and scenery that South Australia has to offer.

Keep reading for top tips on where to eat, where to drink and where to be while visiting Adelaide Hills!

Where to wine and dine:

Mt Lofty Ranges Vineyard

Perched above the Adelaide Hills, Mt Lofty Ranges Vineyard is the place to go for a long lunch, or a wine and dine! The award winning restaurant is well known for its intimate setting and fabulous views, featuring panoramic views and a 360 degree central open fireplace, perfect no matter what season you plan on visiting in!

Hardy’s Verandah Restaurant

Sucker for a view? Head to Hardy’s Verandah Restaurant, where you will be wined and dined with a timeless menu, sommelier-matched wine list and a five star view overlooking Piccadilly Valley! If you are looking to really spoil someone, this is the place to go!

Maximilian’s Adelaide Hills

Vegan, vegetarian or neither? At Maximilian’s, there’s choice for everyone! Order from the traditional alacarte menu, or try something new from the vegan or vegetarian menu!

Not feeling too peckish? Not a problem! The Sidewood Estate Cellar Door at Maximilian’s is the perfect place to kick back after a day of exploring the hills! Enjoy sweeping views over the lake and unique floating golf free, while sipping on anything from Sidewood’s extensive range of wines and cider!

Where to be:

Morialta Conservation Park

This activity is for our nature and adventure lovers! Be exposed to rugged bush land, gorgeous greenery, gushing waterfalls and steep ridges and cliffs at Morialta Conservation Park!

Not so adventurous? Pack a picnic and set yourself up amongst nature. Keep an ear and eye out for wildlife around you, you might even see more than those adventuring around the park!

Hahndorf Farm Barn

Pack a picnic basket, and a few snacks and head down to Hahndorf Farm Barn. Hahndorf Farm Barn combines a children’s farmyard and a nature wildlife park into one, where you can entertain the kids with pony rides, cow milking, and a reptile show, or spend the day lounging about amongst the greenery!

Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary

Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary is a safe haven for Australian native animals, offering a host of animal encounters, shows, tours and camps!
Be exposed to Australia’s unseen native wildlife such as koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, and even the elusive platypus!

Now that you know of our top picks on what to do in Adelaide Hills, here are our top picks for accommodation options too!

Yoko The Japanese Villa

The Balinese Villa

The Managers Suite