Your fashion essentials for your Queensland trip

For most people traveling to Queensland, their first stops are Gold Coast and Brisbane- places that are full of fun, beach and sun! With a strong backpacking community and other wide range of activities and exciting nightlife, here are a list of wardrobe must-haves in your luggage for your ultimate Queensland trip:

Cocktail dress for day-drinking or wild night outs

With a large number of trendy restaurants and an obvious lively nightlife, dress codes are enforced in many venues and because of the famous beach culture, 1 or 2 bright and fun dresses are a must!

Workout gear for all your endless adventures

Brisbane and Gold Coast are the hubs for tons of fun activities, so while you’ll be spending your nights in cute dresses, it is very important to pack workout clothes for the day. Pack a good pair of shoes as well, because I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss out on bridge climbs or parasailing!

Your swimmies of course!

They don’t call it Surfers Paradise for nothing! Whether you’re just taking a dip or full on catching some waves, wherever you go, there will be a beach, so packing a cute bikini or any swimwear should be put first in your bag or suitcase.

A light jacket

It’s hot when the sun is out, but the nights cool down quite a bit, so carrying an extra layer for some warmth for whenever you need it, is definitely a good idea. Enjoy the cool breeze at the same time and layer up to add some style as well!

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8 tips for travelling with a backpack

Whether you want to travel for a long period of time or to a lot of places, a backpack might be the way to go. With your belongings on your back, you’ll have both hands free to navigate, explore and venture!

Only bring one or two pairs of shoes

Shoes often take up a huge amount of space in your luggage, so try and limit your options down to two! In most travelling backpacks there’s a compartment at the bottom for a pair of shoes so this will work perfectly. We suggest bringing one athletic pair for walking and travelling around and one pair for when you want to go out!

Use a quick dry towel

A quick dry towel will be your savior when travelling! A quick dry towel is often a little bit smaller and thinner than your average towel but is thinner! It dries much more quickly so you won’t have to worry about putting wet or damp towel back into your backpack. They’re perfect for beach holidays, camping or active travelling as they take up less room and will dry in a fraction of the time.

Bring lightweight clothing

As a general rule of thumb, you should pack enough clothes for seven day and then wash them. Ensure that you bring lightweight clothing to alleviate the weight of the backpack as well as a versatile range for a number of occasions. If you’re going to somewhere with a colder climate, consider layering up or grabbing some heat-tech clothing that doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Take essential and small toiletries

Whilst at home you might have several bottles of treatment, soaps and mosturisers, this is not the time to bring them. Bottles of toiletries will often take up lots of awkward and much needed space in your backpack. If possible, grab some solid toiletries to save you space or pack them into travel sized containers.

Get a bag cover

You never know what the weather is going to be like, so make sure you’ve got a bag cover to protect all of your goods! Some backpacks have a built in backpack cover but if yours doesn’t, covers are fairly inexpensive and don’t take up much room at all! It’s one small step to make sure you’re all covered for your travels. The last thing you want to do is run through the rain with your backpack and have all of your belongings soaked!

Keep your valuables close to you

If you keep all of your belongings in one backpack, it’s important that you have your belongings close to you where you can reach them. Most backpacks have small sleeves in the strap where you can put your wallet and passport with you, but if yours doesn’t, consider getting a money belt or a smaller pouch to store belongings.

Don’t pack it to the brim

Although you’re packing light when you have a backpack, it’s important not to pack it to the brim. Even though it’s tempting to bring everything along with you, it’s better to leave a little bit of space in case you purchase anything on your travels or if you don’t pack as compactly later on. The last thing you want to be doing is sitting on your backpack and squishing everything in before you have to leave to your next destination!

Pack the heaviest items in the middle

Whilst it not seems like much when you carry a backpack, you have to consider the impact it will have on your back. Pack your heaviest items in the middle of your bag so it balances the weight and doesn’t put as much pressure on your back! Subsequently, put your average weighted items up the top and your lightest down the bottom. This will help evenly distribute the weight in your backpack! Note: also place frequently used items such as tissues in the front compartments for easy access.

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6 essential tips for your next road trip

Whether you’re on the road for an hour or a week, make sure you’re prepped! Check out these tips for your next road trip so you can just enjoy the ride.

Take frequent breaks

We’re not saying you have to stop at every servo when you’re on the road but its worthwhile taking a pit stop every hour or two. Whether you want to get out and explore the area a bit or get a quick bite to eat, taking a break is essential for the whole crew! Whether you need to take a quick toilet break or need to pump some petrol, stop at the next rest station or servo.

Dress comfortably

There’s nothing worse than sitting in a car for hours on end wearing tight and uncomfortable clothing! Make sure you wear comfortable and cozy clothing so you can feel relaxed during your ride. We recommend breathable clothes with some slippers or sneakers. If you even want to feel more comfortable, bring a mini pillow and throw!

Have entertainment on hand

Whether you bring along some games or whip together a playlist on Spotify, it’s essential that you have some entertainment for your journey, whether it’s long or short! Before you head off, be sure to download some audio books or trivia games to keep you occupied for your trip. Bring some Uno, crank up the speakers and get ready for a great time.

Pack snacks

Depending on how big your stomachs are and how many people are coming with you, you might need to bring a whole heap of snacks. An essential part to any road trip is having an excessive amount of snacks to share around the car while you chat or play games! Load up at the grocery store before you leave so you don’t have to purchase overpriced chips and meat pies at the servo. If you want a healthier alternatives, bring some homemade chip and dip or sliced fruit in advance!

Bring all of your chargers

This might be one of the most important tips for your road trip! Phones and devices are often used as a GPS, a music player or just for your social media scrolling pleasures. Running out of battery for any of these devices could lead to you getting lost or feeling extremely bored during your trip. Make sure you’re bringing a portable charger or a cord to plug into your car to avoid any messy mishaps!

Stay fresh – pack your toiletries

If there’s a full house in your car, the last thing you want to do is stink it up, especially if you’re driving for a long period of time. If there are no showers at your pit stop on the way, consider getting some wet wipes, dry shampoo or deodorant to keep yourself feeling fresh. Otherwise, just pack some mini toiletries and have them nearby in case you need to pull over at a rest stop and have a quick shower!

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