About us

Launched April 2017 Sydney, Australia.

Aabode.com was founded by a passionate customer focused team of experts in travel, accommodation, IT services and marketing.

The founders realised the current services for distribution of accommodation are being dominated by large, uncaring platforms which seek to gouge and maximise returns at the expense of both the accommodation provider and the guests.

Online booking growth over the past 2 years for accommodation providers has be phenomenal, but distribution continues to be narrowed into, just to name a few – Booking.com, Airbnb and Expedia (Stayz) – which is forcing the cost to distribute higher and higher. There had to be a better way than being forced into paying unfair commissions and costs to distribute their property. The owner is forced to pass on these high costs by charging higher rates or suffering forever diminishing returns.

Who benefits? Not the provider, not the guest.

At Aabode.com, there are no hidden fees, with every booking. The guest will be charged a transparent fee of as little as 5%. When listing with Aabode.com, there are no fees to the owner. In fact, every property listed on Aabode.com is charged ZERO commission, making listing completely free!