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Long monopolised by a handful of global players, the private holiday rental market is overdue for a makeover. One that offers exceptional customer service and more affordable rates for holidaymakers, a better deal for property owners and a superior online experience for all.

Australian owned holiday accommodation platform Aabode.com is doing just that..

Set to completely disrupt the private holiday rental market, Aabode.com has reimagined the standard distribution and property management model to create a sophisticated, streamlined and transparent solution..

Holidaymakers can book with confidence through Aabode.com knowing that each property and its images have been personally validated by an Aabode.com team member. They also enjoy lower nightly rates, no hidden fees as well as a simple and secure booking process.

Aabode.com offers property owners a world-class platform driven by artificial intelligence technology. This makes it easier than ever before for property owners to stay ahead of travel trends driven by the millennial traveller.

Understanding the pressure property owners are under to deliver exceptional experiences for their guests in a highly competitive market, Aabode.com also provides owners with complete control over their listing and best of all, you pay Aabode.com no commission and no listing fees.

Compared to the big-name platforms that take a cut between 16-25% of the booking price in commission fees from owners and charge guests a service fee of 11-16% of the booking price, it’s no surprise Aabode.com has attracted almost 5,000 listings across Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and Indonesia in the first 18 months since launching.

So, how does it work?

Owners        Guests

Whether for work or pleasure, private holiday homes are ingrained in our travel culture. Now Australian travellers can experience a new way to find their home away from home with the only Australian owned, private holiday home booking platform: Aabode.com – the future of private accommodation platforms.

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