7 tips on how to get the cheapest flights for your holiday

Going on a holiday is definitely not a small expenditure but it doesn’t always have to break the bank! Flights are often one of the biggest bank breakers when going on holiday but it doesn’t always have to cost a fortune. Find our our top 7 tips on getting the cheapest flights for your holiday!

Check your flights on incognito mode

Keep your searches hidden by browsing for flights on incognito mode! If you search a few times in your regular web browser, the prices can increase dramatically. Every time you open and close an incognito browser, the cookies are reset so you have a clean slate every time you search for flights. This will give you the best chance of finding massive deals on flights!

Choose to land in another airport

Larger cities might have more than one airport so don’t limit your search to just one airport! In some cases, airfares to major international airports can be more expensive that flying in to a lesser known airport. Expand your search to include all airports within the area so you can check out all of the deals available. If you fly in or out of a smaller or less popular airport, it could give land you a huge savings! 

Visit during low season if you’re flexible

The prices of your flight ticket will fluctuate up and down depending on what time of the year you fly. If you’re flying during busy tourism times or holidays, the prices will definitely be hiked up. Utilise a flight search engine or research what dates are quiet for your holiday destination. 

Be open to using other airlines

Unless you have a frequent flyer membership with an airline, being flexible with your airlines could save you a heap of money! Different locations have different dominant airlines. Local airlines are often cheaper when you’re flying in a different region. Booking your flights with different airlines can often be a great way to shave the price off of your flights! 

Use flight comparison websites/flight search engines – Skyscanner/I know the pilot/momondo

Using a flight comparison website is a quick way to find out which dates and airlines offer the best price for your destination! Many search engines fluctuate their flight prices and they can sometimes consistently inflate much higher than any other provider. You might need to try a variety of search engines to ensure you’re not missing any potential deals but you might snag yourself a huge savings!

Be flexible about departure and arrival dates

Having the flexible dates will help you play around with the fares available. Often, the most expensive flights are on the weekend so the cheaper flights are on Tuesday or Wednesday. This might differ from airline to airline but being flexible of your holiday dates will give you the chance to grab cheaper flights!

Don’t be scared of budget airlines

Cheaper and more affordable counterparts offer significantly cheaper tickets than their counterparts. Budget flights might come with compromises such as less leg room or less luggage allowance but this won’t make a difference if you come prepared! You can fly to most destinations with a budget airline and you could find flights for as little as $50!

Utilise points

Utilizing points is an easy way to get an upgrade or get a cheaper fight! Find a carrier or partnership that you fly with frequently and join their points program. Airline points programs are an easy way to get potential free flights, free upgrades and perks!

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