An animal lovers guide to Sydney

Whether you’re in Sydney for a few days or are lucky enough to call this place a home, you’ll know that this city is full of furry, cuddly, slimy, and wild and all other sorts of creatures. And this is your perfect chance to go say hello or even take your pets for a little pampering day! We all know that there’s Taronga Zoo and the Sea Life Aquarium, but venture into this list to find a list of other places where you can embrace the animal-lover within you!

Featherdale Wildlife Park

This place is home to over 1700 animals from 250 different species and is mostly famous for all the Koalas that the place shelters. It’s not as massive as the Taronga Zoo, but all those famous names that you keep seeing on TV or reading in books are all here. Kangaroos, koalas, quokkas, wombats, crocodiles and much more.

This is also the place where you can get a picture taken with a koala for free! You can even pay and have your own one-on-one session with a koala and pet them. All the zoo keepers take a very personalized approach to each animal and give you little stories about them while they’re at it, making the feeding times of each animal one of the best when compared to other parks!

Spot some kangaroos and cockatoos at Euroka clearing

Other than the best secret place for camping and bush-walking, Euroka Clearing is the best place to catch some kangaroos in their natural habitat. This hidden spot that is located near Glenbrook has over 40 campsites and the best time to find those roos are during dawn and dusk. Although these kangaroos are not like the ones in the zoo, unfortunately you cannot feed them but as they are used to people coming and observing them, they do not scare away that easily. So go get lucky and watch them closely while you can! I would advise you to stay away from the large male ones as they can get a bit aggressive and the mothers can get a tad bit protective if there are small joeys in the group.

Mix it up in Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Park

If you’re a fan of tiny little fish, Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Park is a nice short little walk from Manly Wharf. This reserve that covers the area between the southern ends of Manly Beach to the northern ends of Shelley Beach Headland attracts schools of small fish. If you’re lucky enough you might even get to see some gropers. The area is also staffed by volunteers on the weekend who will happily answer any questions that you might have. And if you want to mix up observing some fish with something else, this is also a great spot for snorkeling and underwater photography. It is famous among photographers as at various times, over 150 different species of fish have been recorded to be swimming in the water!

So now that you know where the wild things are, here are some tamer places for you and your furry ones!

Chew Chew Pet Restaurant

This is where pet nutrition comes first! Pet nutritionist and pet care advisor Naoko Okamoto has designed a Japanese style dog menu with a focus on nutritional content and taste. Serving organic meat and fish straight from the Sydney fish markets, there is always a lot of thought that is put into the dishes for your pals. You can order 3-course meals for your dog, including an entree of soup, a lamb omelet, and a cupcake and doggie cappuccino to top it off. In case this cafe couldn’t get any more loveable, you can now host your pooch’s birthday party here! 


Sydney’s first space-themed cat café is going to be your heaven if you have been wanting those cuddles with kitties. You can have a yoga session for 45 minutes followed by 15 minutes of cuddling with cats! How good is that! I cannot think of a better way to relieve stress! All the cats here are fostered rescues and chosen especially because of their sociable purrsonalities. Entry to the café is free and you can just get a coffee there and relax and the rooms with cats can only be entered after you’ve paid for it.

Your pets deserve pampering too!

Australia’s premier pet grooming station- The Fur Station by Rufus & Coco that opened up in April this year is not just about haircuts and all. Your furry ones are more than welcome to get a full-standard massage just like humans in order to shine on their inner a well as their outer beauty! This pet grooming center that has taken the idea to a whole new level uses products only from Rufus & Coco. These are high quality products that are free of paraben and soap and also sulfate. Catered to the breed of your pal, they can get a full mud bath and well-being massage so that even the most sensitive ones can experience the very best!

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