8 basic styling tips for your property

Keep things tidy and create a blank canvas

Whilst you might have lots of small trinkets and little bits and pieces, when you’re renting out your property, your space should be tidy. Selectively choose the pieces that enhance your space and let the rest do the talking. Removing clutter means that you avoid having the room feel too busy or crowded. Having a clean, tidy and well organised space is much more beneficial than over decorating your home.

Place bed in the middle of the room and throw on some extra cushions

Placing your bed in the middle of the room gives a luxurious and spacious feeling. As there will be no shadows bouncing off of the walls, a bed placed away from the walls will give the illusion of a larger bed. Throwing some extra sleeping cushions and some decorative pillows is also a simple way to make your bed look inviting and luxurious.

Provide sleek storage solutions

Providing sleek or hidden storage solutions means that all of your guests’ belongings and luggage will be hidden away. By doing this, the space in the room won’t be cluttered or busy. Whether you tuck them away in a built in wardrobe or have a small trunk at the end of the bed to keep belongings in, having a place to put belongings in will clear the floor space of the room

Choose a well thought out colour palette

It’s best to stick with a neutral colour palette or colours in the same family. Tones such as grays, whites and blues will create a clam effect. Having soft colours will also make the rooms feel larger than they actually are! Choosing a colour palette at the beginning of the design process will set the mood of how you want your whole property to look. Having a colour theme will help the different rooms of the property become cohesive!

Choose appropriately sized furniture and place them strategically

Furniture that is too small or too big can alter how guests feel when they walk into the room. Ensure that there’s adequate space for your guests to move around without bumping into things. Property owners also often push furniture against the walls in attempt to make a more spacious environment but this makes the home feel like uninviting. Have your pieces of furniture floating in the room as it will be a great way to engage conversation and activity.

Don’t block the light

This tip doesn’t require you to purchase anything! Make sure your furniture doesn’t cover any of the natural light sources. Natural light is a great way to make the area feel more open and make your space seem more appealing!

Have some greenery

Having some indoor plants gives the room some life and has the ability to bring drama into a setting. Choose plants that will thrive in the environment of your property! Try to research of particular plants that you can manage. If you have minimal natural light, choose plants or succulents that don’t need a lot of sunlight to thrive. If you’re not very good at looking after plants, choose one that doesn’t need to be watered as often!

Choosing minimal accessories

Every accessory or piece of decor should be a meaningful choice in your space. Placing decorative pieces around adds a focal point in the room, however, if you have too many, this can make the room seem busy and confusing.

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