How to get great reviews for your property!

A property review can often make or break your property. They’re hard to get and can really impact future bookings! We’ve complied some tips so you can get those good reviews and new bookings rolling in!

Have a tidy home

First impressions always count! Many negative complaints and reviews always touch on the cleanliness of the property. A good way to avoid this is to have a cleaning checklist! Although it’s not necessary to have one, it’s a great way to ensure you never forget to clean anything for your next booking! Be sure to check areas such as the bathroom or the kitchen, as this is where a lot of mould and excess dirt can build up.

Ensure your property listing is accurate

A common mistake that hosts make is not providing an accurate description of their property. Guests are often unsatisfied if you have not listed having certain amenities! Be honest when writing out your description and clearly label the amenities you do and do not have. It’s also important to be clear on the location of your property. If guests are visiting your area, they might not have a car, so they want be nearby certain attractions or locations.

Ask guests to leave a review after their stay

Often when guests leave their accommodation, they’re most likely going to forget to leave a review, so just send them a friendly reminder! Some guests just honestly forget because they’re busy travelling home or to their next destination. If you politely ask for a review and your guests have enjoyed their stay, they’ll generally be happy to give one! If they don’t have the time for a long review, just ask them to give you a star rating or a follow on social media!

Communicate and respond quickly

Communication is key when you get a booking. Guests often have questions about the check in process, the amenities or location. As a general rule of thumb, you should always voluntarily communicate with your guests three times during the booking process. The first time should be when they make the booking or check in. This message should explain the check in process and any information about the property. The second time is when the guests have already checked in. This is called a checkup message and here you just ask if the guests are settling into your property or if they have any questions. The last message you need to send is the check out message! This message is for you to thank them on their stay and this is where you should ask for a review!

Go the extra mile

Providing a little something to make the guest’s lives easier! Whether it’s a little complimentary pack of chocolate or a small bottle of wine, these little gestures will make sure your guests know they are welcome! Most of the time these small things won’t cost much but the guests will remember the little things that made their stay special!

Have modern amenities

Although the most important thing about a rental property is having somewhere for your head to rest, the small and modern touches will go a long way for your guests. Having something like a smart TV or Netflix will be a nice little touch for guests that are looking to relax in the home or unwind after a long day of travel. Other small luxuries you include in your house could be things like board games, a coffee machine or a mini barbecue. These small amenities will go a long way with guests but if you can’t get any of these, you should at least have Wi-Fi available!

With these tips, the reviews will be rolling in no time! Haven’t listed your property on yet? What are you waiting for? We charge ZERO commission.

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