Your Perfect Nature Getaway to Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains is a must visit for anyone who comes for a trip to Australia. The national park, located just two hours west of the Sydney CBD is your perfect nature getaway, filled with nature trails, waterfalls, caves, cliffs for that will help you get that perfect Instagram shot and surrounding towns like Katoomba and Leura are filled with quaint cafes and vintage shops for a unique shopping experience.

Three Sisters: Views that should not be missed

Anybody who has been to the Blue Mountains or is planning a trip there will always have the Three Sisters at the top of their mind. From the Echo Point, you can easily head to the marvelous Three Sisters Rock, which was formed naturally. Get the perfect Instagram click during sunrise, or sunset, while breathing in fresh air.

Scenic World: Your alternative to hiking

If you want to skip all the hikes and walks, which is absolutely fine as they can be really strenuous if you are not completely prepared, you can go for a tour and get a overview of the entire place. A cable car will take you across the valley to the lookout and give you an amazing view of the whole area Ride the world’s steepest train at this attraction!

Book tickets to skip the crowds on weekends!

Cute cafes alert!

Surrounding towns like Leura are filled with cute cafes and stores that will grab your attention instantly. Cafes like Red Door Café and Blackheath Deli are your perfect stops for some delicious eats and will surely make your tummy happy.

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So pack your bags and plan an spontaneous trip to connect all your senses with nature and you can also go on to find some of the cutest cottages or cabins for your stay, which will give you the perfect Blue Mountains experience!

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