7 essentials for your day trip bag

Whether you’re going on a trip for an hour or a day, day trips are a great way to explore a place in a short amount of time! Regardless of where you go or how long you go for, here are some essentials you in your day bag!

An offline/physical map

Even though its super convenient to whip out your phone to find directions, you never know whether it will be reliable. In the case where your phone runs out of battery or if there’s no mobile reception, it’s a great idea to have a pocket sized physical map in case you get lost. If you can’t manage to snag one in time, download an offline map of the area on your phone!

A waterproof jacket

If you’re going to spend a leisurely long day out, you never know when the weather will change! Sunny summer days can also turn into cold, windy nights. Bring along a jacket in case the weather gets cooler or if it gets too chilly on public transport! If you’ve got one, bring along a windbreaker or waterproof jacket so it can double up as a raincoat when you need it.

Water and snacks

You’ll likely be walking around and perusing a lot on your day trip so it’s critical that you at least bring a bottle of water! You’ll never know when your next chance to grab some water will be, so it’s important to have some in your bag. If you’re running low on space, just pack a collapsible one! Even if you know you’re going to grab some food at your destination, pack some snacks as well! It’s always good practice to carry some small snacks of pieces of fruit for the ride!

Pain killers

A change in weather and exhilarating day trips can often leave your body confused about foreign environments. Bring a pack of pain killers in case you don’t feel well on your day trip or if someone has a small injury. Tip: some brand sell travel packs and they hardly take up any space in your bag!

Some cash

Regardless of whether you predominantly use card or cash for your transactions, it’s a good idea to have a small amount of cash in case of an emergency. Store this in a small, safe compartment separate from your wallet and phone in case they are lost or stolen. A good rule of thumb is to keep enough money for a journey home!

Mini emergency toiletries

Bringing along some mini toiletries is just a small way to prepare for any emergencies on your trip! Just pop some tissue packets, wet wipes and lotion in your bag so you can be prepared for anything that comes at you. Whether you have a spill or a burn, these tiny toiletries will make a big impact and won’t take up any space!

Portable charger

If you’ve got important tickets or use maps on your phone, it might be a great good idea to pack a portable charger along with you in your day bag! Considering how much we use our phones during travel, this might just save your day!

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