10 essentials for your carry on

The worst thing that could happen on a plane is realising that you’ve forgotten something! We’ve just complied 10 of the best things you must have in your carry on bag to make you flight smooth!

Empty/Foldable water bottle

You won’t be allowed to bring any large liquids on the plane, so be sure to bring an empty or refillable water bottle! You can easily just refill the bottles after security for free without paying six bucks for water. The air environment on the plane dries out your skin and throat so be sure to stay hydrated on your flight!


The worst thing is running out of battery halfway through your move and having to crouch down next to a chair to plug your phone in. Whatever devices you bring onto the plane, be sure you remember to pack the chargers so you can stay entertained. This is even more important if you’re storing important travel documents on your phone! Bringing the cord is usually sufficient as most aircraft have charging ports, but keep in mind, they tend to be a bit slow! If you can, bring a portable charger.

Pain killers/medication

If you’ve got prescription medication, don’t forget it. If you don’t, be sure to bring a pack of pain killers anyways. In a foreign environment like a plane, you might find that you’ll have some joint pain or a few headaches here and there. For some on long distance flights, this can be an issue, especially if you’re trying to sleep.


You might be travelling around with different cards, tickets and currencies, so be sure you have your wallet on hand an organised manner. This is not something you can afford to forget! Ensure you  also have all of your passports and travel documents together in case they are required. We recommend you keep them all in one folder or place so it’s easy to find!


There’s nothing worse than realizing that there is no in-flight entertainment on board! Be sure to check whether you flight offers in-flight entertainment, and if not, be prepared. This also applies if you’ve got long layovers. There’s nothing worse than being in the middle seat and having nothing to do. Be sure to download some e-books, games or movies for your travels!

A change of clothes/Toiletries

It’s always a good idea to bring a back up pair of clothes if you’re boarding a flight. If your luggage is delayed or lost (it happens quite often!) at least you will have one pair of clothes for the night or the next day. Even if it’s a short flight, be sure to bring your toiletries in case you want to freshen up. Many people like to brush their teeth before they land or take a shower at the terminal!

Food and snacks

Airline foods are often bland and airport food always seems to cost an arm and a leg. Whether it’s a meal or even just a few light snacks, be sure you have a few snacks to keep yourself satiated on the plane or at the boarding gate. This also applies if you have any dietary requirements! It’s often easier and healthier when you bring your own snacks and meals!

Comfort essentials

Particularly on long distance flights, seats on a plane aren’t particularly comfortable to sleep or relax in. If you’re planning to get some shut eye on your flight or if you just want to wind down, be sure to bring things that will make you feel more comfortable. Whether it’s an eye mask or a neck pillow, be sure to bring it along to ensure a smooth ride.


You never know what you’ll hear on a plane. Whether it’s a crying baby or loud chatter, you want to be able to block that out. Bring along a small seat of earphones or invest in a pair of noise cancelling headphones for maximum benefit.

A pen

It might be small, but it’s mighty. On international flights, sometime flight attendants will bring around custom forms or they might need you to sign something at the check in counter. It’s a good habit to always bring a pen in case you need to fill in anything. Even if there a no forms, you would probably catch yourself doing some Sudoku puzzles or doodling on your in flight napkin.

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