Your guide on how to pack light!

Whether your backpacking all over the globe or packing carry on only, packing light can sometimes be difficult. Check out some of our tips on how to pack lightly so you can pack like a pro!

Pick a smaller sized bag or luggage

Too obvious? For some, it isn’t! Travelers always have the temptation to keep adding more and more things to their bags when they see an empty space! Selecting a smaller sized luggage or carry on bag will make you prioritise and bring the things you need the most. When you choose a smaller bag to travel with, it also saves you time and effort when you reach your destination! After all, you don’t want to be lugging your bags up ten flights of stairs or embarrassingly squeezing them into the back of a taxi!

Pack clothes that are versatile

Bring clothes that serve more than one purpose so you can use the most out of them! Before you start loading things in your bag, strategically plan your outfits so you can mix, match or layer clothing pieces according to the location. Also consider the thickness and weight of your clothing to see if they’re worth bringing! As a rule of thumb, just pack enough clothes for the week, because the magic of washing machines exist!

Use packing cubes

Packing cubes or compression bags are another way to help you save space in your bags! Regardless or whether you fold, roll, or Konmari your clothes, packing cubes will help you separate and organise your clothes. These cubes have a strong structure and you don’t have to waste time rummaging through your bags to find a particular item! With these cubes, you won’t have any trouble fitting all of your things in a backpack or duffle.

Minimise toiletries

From eye cream to toe exfoliator, we humans can use an excessive amount of toiletries in our day to day lives. However, when travelling, these very toiletries can be the things weighing us and our bags down. Rather than bringing the whole second drawer of your bathroom, opt to bring some mini versions of your essential toiletries. If you want to save even more space, grab some solid toiletries such as soap bars and shampoo bars!

Go digital

Instead of lugging around loose pieces of paper or a thick travel guide book, why not go digital? By organizing your documents, receipts, booking confirmations and travel guides online, you save a ton of space and weight! You can have access to all these things with a swipe and you won’t even feel the weight on your shoulders!

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