Tips for zero waste travelling!

A huge portion of waste is coming from the travel industry and travelers! As we explore the world, we have to think about the actions we take that can influence it. Here are some tips on how you can reduce your waste while travelling!

Take your own water bottle, coffee cup or life straw.

Wherever in the world you go, you’ll have to drink some water or coffee eventually! Taking your own water bottle around is just one simple way of reducing the amount of plastic water bottles used when travelling. If you’re a coffee lover, just bring your keep cup if you’re getting your coffee to go. If you want to save up on space, just bring a keep cup and it can double as a water bottle as well! If you’re out and about camping or in a country with unsafe drinking water, just bring along a life straw! It filters everything out immediately and doesn’t take up any space!

Just bring one set of cutlery

Although it is usually provided within most restaurants around the world, some places won’t offer you cutlery! Whether you’re eating in a local village or indulging in some street food, it’s always good just to have at least one cutlery pack on hand in case of an emergency. This way, you won’t have to ask for any plastic one use cutlery!

Carry a reusable napkin or handkerchief

Whether it’s a spill, splash or drip, you’re bound to run into some messy situations while travelling. Whether you’re biking with your morning coffee or experiencing some turbulence on a train while eating, travelling can get messy! Instead of using a plethora of tissues or disposable wipes, why not opt for a reusable napkin or handkerchief? Just pop it in with your laundry during your travel and you’ll be good to go!

Eat in, instead of take out

Although quite obvious, when you dine at sit down restaurants and café, you’ll be using zero packaging. As these restaurants use plates and silverware for your meals, you don’t have to worry about wasting a thing! The best meals are often sitting down at a restaurant admiring the scenery or enjoying a banter with others. You really have nothing to lose with this tip!

Bring your own food when travelling

Unfortunately when travelling on planes and busses, all of the food seems to be wrapped! All of it. Even a toothpick. Airline and commercial catering use an excessive amount of plastic and packaging for their food and cutlery. When you consider the mass amounts of people on the plane, think about how much waste is being produced! Even if you don’t use the cutlery or eat one dish, the attendants will usually throw them away anyways. When travelling, bring your own food and cutlery, or simply give back to the attendants what you won’t need straight away.

Bring a reusable bag

You bring a reusable bag to the supermarket, so why not bring one with you on your travels as well! There are loads of compact bags you can bring that will simply fit in your pocket or wallet. Whether you’re perusing the farmers market or purchasing some souvenirs, just bring along your bag so you don’t have to accept any plastic ones!

Wherever you go, think about the impact you have. Staying in private accommodation is significantly less wasteful than staying at a hotel, so check the 4000+ properties we have at!

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