Top travel mistakes not to make

When you’re trekking across the globe, your bound to make mistakes and run into some issues, but it’s all part of the learning process! Travelling gives insight into some of life’s larger lessons and provides a different perspective on how to see the world. Even though you’ll be learning these lessons on your own, we’re here to give you some basic tips on what not to do, to get you started!

Skimping on travel insurance

Even though flights, accommodation and activities can quickly strain your bank account, travel insurance is NOT something you want to skip on, especially if you’re travelling outside of the country. Travel insurance is usually a fraction of the cost of any other expense and it will protect you from any medical or non medical emergency. Your thirst for travel might be quenched by a spontaneous holiday but your safety always comes first!

Cramming your day to the max

So many sights to see and so many things to do! Travelling to a new place is always exciting and you’re always presented with a plethora of things to do. Even though you should definitely make the most of your holiday, don’t pack your itinerary by the minute! By doing this, you might be disappointed when you don’t get enough time to do an activity or you won’t have enough time to enjoy the sight itself. Take it easy and enjoy your time in each place or activity. If you want to roughly plan your day, perhaps schedule in one or two events! That way you have time to relax and enjoy your time, which is what travelling is all about!

Over packing

Although you want a killer outfit for every instagram photo, there is a thing such as over packing! For most of you guys out there, half of the clothes you pack in your suitcase end up staying there for the whole trip! Make you only pack what you need and clothes that you know you’ll wear! Carrying extra large luggage can also make transportation a hassle. We recommend you pack wisely and think about your destination when packing!

Not informing your bank

Although planning your getaway can be extremely exciting, some get too excited and forget this vital step! Failure to do this could mean your account could be locked and you won’t have any funds available overseas. Make sure you go and have a chat with your bank or inform them through a mobile banking app to notify them of your travel dates! Hot tip: When travelling, especially overseas, make sure you have a bit of cash in case of an emergency, even if your destination is card friendly.

Skimping on accommodation

Just to be clear, this doesn’t mean you have to splash millions and stay in a penthouse! Although travel can get expensive, it’s ideal not to skimp on accommodation because it’s where you’ll be resting and recharging. There are lots of affordable accommodation options out there and you just have the right one for you! Just keep in mind that your accommodation should be a place you can get a good night’s rest or take a quick break, so find a place where you feel comfortable. Make sure your accommodation has all of the amenities you need such as air conditioning, linen or towels. You can always be spontaneous in your adventures around your destination, but you never want any nasty surprises about your accommodation!

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