5 ways to travel more sustainably

We all want to contribute to our community and global environment, but sometimes that can be hard when we’re travelling around the globe. Convenience can get the best of us but we’re going to show you 5 ways you can explore the world sustainably!

Travel slowly – going fewer places, spending more time

Spending more time in a country or a location is a great way to absorb the atmosphere! Whether you’re slowly perusing windy lanes or getting to know the locals, slow travel is something that can benefit both you and the environment. Exploring cities at a more comfortable pace allows you to see it in a different light and can open doors to new experiences! Spending more time in quieter towns allows the locals of your destination to preserve the culture and heritage of their place, rather than making everything commodities for tourists.

Use public transport instead

Spectacular views, no check ins and arriving in the city center? We’re all about it! Travelling by train or coach when possible is a great way to travel sustainably and uses from 29 times less carbon emissions.  Embarking on your journey by train also come with other huge benefits such as having no turbulence, comfortable seats and cheaper tickets! Even when you’re travelling within a city, catching the train is way cheaper and more convenient. Instead of arriving to the airport 3 hours early, use every second to continue exploring and then hop on a train before it leaves! Understandably, if you have to take a plane, try and book nonstop flights as takeoff and landings create most of the plane’s carbon emissions.

Refuse and reuse

 Did you know in some countries they wrap a single banana in plastic? The use of unnecessary plastic and packaging within the travel industry is astonishing. Even though the inconvenience of packaging during travel is helpful to us, it can be harmful to the environment. Where possible, refuse single use plastics that you won’t need any more (like tiny toiletries that we all like to steal) and reuse items that might be useful for later. Whether you’re bringing an empty water bottle with you or giving back unnecessary bags and cutlery packs, refusing and reusing will make a significant contribution to any environment!

Buy souvenirs that support the  real local economy

Of course you want to buy souvenirs! While there’s nothing wrong with buying a gift for your friends and family back home, try to avoid gimmicks and gizmos that might end up in the bin! Even though buying gifts from local shops might be a tad more expensive, you’ll be coming home with a unique gift and supporting the local economy in your destination! You can also opt to bring home tasty treats such as local sweets, spices or unusual foods.

Stay at homes or hostels run by locals

Local hostels and home rentals are an amazing way to interact with the nearby environment and the people in them! Most often locals run these types of accommodation and all of the profits will contribute to the local economy. Rather than staying in a sterile hotel room, book a quirky accommodation that will give you an authentic feel of how the locals live! In addition to this, home rentals use up to 78% less energy and up to 48% less water than hotels!

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