Five Date Ideas For Your Next Romantic Getaway…

With Valentines Day fast approaching, we have brainstormed how to turn it up this year…

Cooking classes– The ultimate way to spice things up not only in the kitchen but in your relationship too! Find a cuisine that neither of you know how to cook, and learn together!

Home cooked dinner– A special home-cooked meal can be so much more romantic than going out to eat at a flashy busy restaurant. You don’t need to have chef-worthy skills to make it a memorable dinner…it’ll probably make the dinner even more memorable and special for years to come.

Dine on the floor together– Throw down a few blankets and pillows and get ready for night snuggled up next to each other, whether it’s with food that has been ordered in, frozen meals, or a home cooked meal, this dining experience is our coziest yet!

Celebrate with class– Celebrating a special year together? Or just looking to celebrate your love in style? Keep your loved one guessing this year, throw on your fanciest outfit, and wine and dine them! Everybody loves getting spoilt!

Picnic in the park- It’s time to bring it back to basics! Grab a picnic rug, fill up your wicker basket with cheeses, chocolate covered strawberries, and your favourite wine, and head to your nearest park with a view!

Regardless of the location, time and budget we’ve put together a list of ideas that are perfect for any type of couple this Valentines Day!

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