Will you do the #Take12Trips Challenge in 2019?

Don’t fall into the same viscous cycle this year promising yourself AGAIN this year will be the year you travel! Often people get caught up with the idea they can’t travel because it takes a lot time, effort and money…but that’s just simply not true!

The #Take12trips challenge encourages individuals each year to take a trip each month for the next year- it can be a quick weekender, a long awaited tropical vacay or even a staycation exploring your very own city!

This challenge is all about incorporating travel into your everyday life, committing to do at least one trip every month and making sure you’ve always got a trip or two to forward to!

Travel doesn’t have to be costly, nor time consuming, travel is what you make it! So where are your 12 trips taking you this year?

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Author: Aabode.com

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