Tips for travelling solo!

We’re back again with some more travel tips! This time, we’ll go through our top tips for travelling solo.

Travelling along can seem daunting, but first time solo travelers always describe their experience as amazing and self-indulgent. You can take as long as you want at any location, and set your itinerary exactly as you prefer!

Keep reading for our tips for successfully travelling solo.

1. Book solo-friendly accommodation

Book your accommodation at a hostel, home stay, B&B or small inn. These locations often have other solo tourists too, giving you the perfect chance to connect with other solo travelers.  This can help when you’re feeling lonely and need another person to interact with.

2. Avoid appearing like a tourist

Giving off signs that you’re alone in a foreign location may draw uninvited attention to yourself, which can be risky if it’s coming from someone untrustworthy.

Walking down Manhattan wearing an “I love NYC” t-shirt is the equivalent to wearing a sign displaying “I’m travelling alone”. And don’t have your head buried in a map while you’re trying to navigate the city.

3. Keep your devices connected and charged

One of the best things about travelling solo in the 21st century is how easy it is to communicate with family and friends across the world. In the chance of an emergency or misadventure, you must be digitally connected to let someone know.

Make sure your phone is charged before leaving, and that you have enough data to stay connected to the internet. Bring with you a portable charger in case your phone’s batteries goes flat.

4. Create a spreadsheet to share with relatives

One option is to let your relatives know your itinerary for the day before setting off.

Another option is to create a spreadsheet to share, which outlines your itinerary and the days you visited a location.

5. Be open to meeting new people!

Our last tip for travelling solo is to be open to meeting all sorts of new people! We can guarantee that you will meet a range of interesting, inspiring and captivating people, don’t be intimidated! Learn from them and their travels and maybe share some of your own wisdom! 

Who knows? You may have made a life long friend (and somewhere free to stay in the country they’re from)!

When you’re planning to jet set off to your next solo adventure, be sure to book your accommodation through! 


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