The Travel Apps you need to have on your phone!

Technology is changing the way we travel without a question and making the travel process for individuals easier than ever!

Making a checklist before any trip is mandatory. There’s nothing more annoying than forgetting something…imagine if a customised list can be made for you?

Packpoint will generate a personalised list based on the length of your trip, predicted weather forecast at your destination and any activities or events planned during your trip. Never forget anything again with this smart packing list app!

XE Currency 
XE Currency offers live exchange rates for currencies around the world, with rates being refreshed by the minute. This handy app can help you make quick conversions when shopping as it allows you to access up to 10 currency rates offline! 

This app is the ultimate transit app! It offers real-time departures, transit maps, line status and real-time disruption alerts,  Uber integration, bike routing and is always being constantly updated and sending you alerts! 

“It’s everything you need — and may not even realise you need — to manage your life in the city.”

New cities never have to be complicated or overwhelming again with this app in your pocket!

Google Translate 
Speak, snap, write, or type anything in one of the app’s 103 supported languages and the app will translate to your preferred language. The snapping feature is one of the highlights of this app. Can’t read a menu or sign? Not to worry the app uses your phone’s camera for an augmented reality translation! Never feel out of place in a foreign city again with this personal interpreter in your pocket, especially as it supports offline use. 

Find the best way to get ANYWHERE, without having to squint at a train or bus schedule or unfolding an annoyingly oversized map. Rome2rio considers all modes of transportation, with thousands of multi-modal routes to easily get you from A to B, with estimated fare prices, detailed maps and instructions to weave together the segments of your personalised journey. 

WiFi Map
Having WiFi when traveling has become essential. WiFi Map users have added millions of WiFi hot spots in the world’s busiest cities, airports, small towns and villages, creating an extensive map of readily available WiFi services. From free networks to password protected networks, this app has you covered with passwords and helpful tips uploaded by its users! 

Maps Me
Trusted by over 90 million users worldwide, Maps Me is a free (say goodbye to expensive global roaming), fast and entirely offline map. Maps Me helps you find nearby attractions, accommodation, public transport terminals and services and places to eat!

Lounge Buddy
Start you vacation early and make the most of you airport experience! Lounge Buddy tells you which airport lounges you already have access to… and don’t worry if you don’t have access, Lounge Buddy allows you to purchase instant lounge day passes! It’s time to experience airports in style!

No more excuses! With all these apps in your pocket, it’s time to pack your bags and get travelling! 

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