Tips for travelling with kids!

Travelling with young children can seem like a stressful experience! It doesn’t mean that you should hold off on travelling until your kids are much older.

Here are our tips and tricks for making your holiday as relaxing as possible!

1. Pack wisely


Even if your child is potty trained, accidents can happen, especially in new and unfamiliar environments. Pack emergency supplies so you’re prepared for any mishaps. Include:

  • Wet Wipes
  • Nappies/Pull Ups
  • Snacks (healthy ones and some sweets)
  • Plastic bags for dirty clothing and nappies
  • One toy per child (one that is not bulky and doesn’t make too much noise)
  • Spare headphones (if you are packing a tablet)
  • Change of clothes

Plus, the wet wipes may come in handy for other unrelated messes (such as a food spill!).

2. Take a night time flight


Your child will most likely be asleep during the flight if it coincides with their bed time hours. Bring a travel neck pillow for your child as it can make the flight more comfortable.

3. Leave spare time


You don’t want to arrive at the airport in a rush and realise you’ve forgotten something. Leave plenty of spare time to arrive at the airport. Your little ones can’t walk as fast as you can to make it the airport gates and they may need toilet breaks before boarding.

If you arrive early, make use of any playground in the airport.

4. Check whether your accommodation is family friendly


Do research on what children facilities are available at your accommodation.

If your child has a special diet or is a picky eater, check if your accommodation has a kitchen for you to prepare meals in. has plenty of family friendly accommodation to choose from. These properties either have cots, a kids play room with toys and entertainment, a playground in the backyard, games and books, or bedrooms with single beds.

5. Get your child excited about the destination and flying


Travelling to a new destination means a whole different language, cuisines and culture to experience. Discuss some fun facts about the place with your children, or teach them phrases from the language!

Whether or not you’ve been on a plane before, make sure you still show excitement when your flight takes off! This will show your child the amazing possibilities of air travel.

6. Don’t cram too much in one day


Children can get tired and bored easily.

Moving from one spot to another too quickly in one day will just make it worse if your child is already in a grumpy mood. Remove some places from your itinerary and include a few kid-friendly spots.

Maybe stop by at the ice cream store if you’ve had a long and hot day! That will cheer your child right up. has over 3000 properties for you to choose from! Click here to see our family friendly properties.

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