How Christmas is celebrated in Australia

Christmas in Australia takes place during Summer which makes the celebration quite different from Europe and America.

Although Australia still follows the traditional practice of exchanging gifts on 25th December and decorating a Christmas tree, here’s a look at how Australia celebrates Christmas!

1. Christmas at the beach

As the rest of the world locks themselves indoors away from the snow, Australians flock to the beach with their friends. It is common to see thousands of beach-goers sun baking, walking around in thongs and wearing a Christmas themed singlet or a Santa hat.

It’s the perfect way to escape the heat wave on this public holiday!

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2. Food and Cake

Due to the hot weather, for Christmas lunch Australians serve cold meats such as turkey or ham, and seafoods such as prawns and lobster.

Instead of chocolate cake, Australians serve pavlova, a meringue-based dessert topped with seasonal fresh fruit.

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3. Boxing Day

Boxing Day, the day after Christmas Day is also a national public holiday.

On Boxing Day, Australians are either having a BBQ with friends and family or scoring the best sales from large retailers. Retail stores commonly hold sales on this day which can see shoppers lining up before the stores are even open!

Boxing Day also marks the start of the famous Sydney to Hobart Yacht race.


4. Ugly Christmas Sweater

The downside to having Christmas in summer is the lack of Ugly Christmas Sweaters! Australians can’t wear these sweaters for obvious reasons but their love for celebrating means that Christmas in July is growing in popularity.


5. Pets

Australians are always sure to include their furry family member in the festivities. This usually means wrapping a small gift up for their pet to tear apart.

Although pets can’t be dressed up in cute Santa outfits or Christmas sweaters, Australians keep it simple by hanging tinsel around their neck or propping reindeer ears on. christmas-1874258_960_720.jpg

6. Decorations

You’ll find that a lot of the Christmas decorations have an Australian theme to them.

Some common ones are:

  • Santa in a singlet and shorts
  • Santa surfing
  • Santa riding a kangaroo
  • Native Australian animals in Christmas clothing

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