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API has recently developed an API which will allow Owners of
properties to better manage rates/pricing.

What is an API?

An API is an Application Programming Interface, which allows two
applications to communicate with one another. The purpose of Aabode’s API is
to allow the Owners to spend less time to manage their rates/pricing.

By using an API, Owners or agents are able to update pricing and rates from
a single point, making it quicker, more accurate and more productive. APIs
have the capability to access certain components of a website, and therefore
the delivery of information from one to the other is faster and more
flexible, allowing content generated to be published automatically and is
available for every connected channel. In short, by using an API, the
process of syncing your rates

To get connected, email us at with the subject line

What is a whitelabel?

Sell your brand, and your pricing, without the hassle of developing expensive software or servers!

What are the benefits of being a whitelabel?

By using a whitelabel, you will be enable your guests to seamlessly search, view, select and book the right property via your own whitelabel website. This advanced technology allows you to use your own branding, look, feel and your own contact details.

By doing so, you will also be able to manage your bookings and properties via one simple dashboard, and even better, you will be able to contact your guest via your own control panel.

The booking engine will give your guest immediate speed and convenience.

If you are interested, please email us at  with the subject line ‘Whitelabel’

    • Display and manage  properties via your own dashboard.
    • Manage old, new and upcoming bookings from one place.
    • Ability to allocate or share certain tasks directly with the  property owners eg: manage your availability, ical sync-ability, etc.
    • Add properties easily.
    • Agency contact details displayed
    • Allow guest to book directly through your website with either instant confirmation or on request.
    • Manage each property check-in details once.
    • Chat directly via dashboard with each guest live under each property ID.
    • Send the guest a reminder for a review.
  • Easily manage and maintain each listing under it’s own ID.

Author: is a new disruptor in the holiday rental market, which has demonstrated rapid growth since our launch in 2017.

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