7 Thai Street Foods you must try!

Thailand is not only renowned for its breathtaking beaches and culture but also for its mouth watering cuisine.

A common way to enjoy a meal, either alone or with friends, is at the street food stalls. The food stalls are set up along the streets and showcases Thailand’s plentiful and diverse dishes.

After you order your meal, find your dining spot at one of the plastic tables and chairs nearby!

Keep reading to see our top picks for Thai Street Food.

 1. Pad See Eiw

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Pad See Eiw is a Chinese-influenced dish consisting of flat rice noodle stir fried in dark soy sauce and light soy sauce. Chinese broccoli, egg and either chicken, pork or beef is also added to the dish.

2. Thai Roti

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Thai Roti has a Muslim origin but is a staple with street food vendors. The flat bread is commonly eaten as a dessert as it is filled with bananas, condensed milk and even chocolate.

The main objective for the food vendors is to flatten the Roti as much as possible. Order one and watch as they flatten it and fill it up with your favourite toppings!

3. Khao Niew Ma Muang

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Also known as Mango Sticky Rice, this Thai dessert is made with glutinous rice, fresh mango and coconut milk. The rice absorbs the coconut milk, leaving behind a mild sweet taste.

This dessert is also consumed in other parts of Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia!

4. Kluay Tod

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You might mistakenly identify Kluay Tod as fried chicken!

This snack is deep fried mini-bananas, coated in a flour batter mixed with coconut and sesame seeds. Eat it fresh or at room temperature – either way is delicious!

5. Luk Chin Ping

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Luk Chin Ping is Thai meat balls prepared on bamboo skewers. The juicy meatballs are  tossed into several herbs and spices and grilled right in front of you!

The result? A smokey taste.

6. Pla Muek Yang

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Thai grilled squid skewers can be found at just about every food market place in Thailand.

The road side favourite is served with Thai hot sauce so be cautious if you’re not a lover of spicy foods.

7. Kai Jeow

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Kai Jeow is a Thai style omelet served over rice.

Being one of the easiest and cheapest dishes you can order, Kai Jeow is prepared differently from its Western counterpart. The egg is deep fried in oil and fish sauce, and topped with fresh chilli or chilli sauce. The outside should be golden and crispy, while fluffy on the inside!

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