5 Water Activities to Try in Australia!

Surrounded by sparkling waters, Australia is known for its glorious beaches and warm summer weather. With the temperatures rising and the sun glistening, what better way to refresh than jumping into some out-of-world water experiences?

We’ve picked 5 exhilarating water activities for you to indulge your inner explorer – so let the water adventures begin!

Aqua Jet pack Flying


Soar above the water and feel free as a bird with the ultimate aqua jet pack flying experience! From children, to the elderly – anyone can go for a fly. Be lifted up to 30 feet high and flip through the air like a superhero. There are multiple locations in Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia to partake in this space roller-coaster – a definite must do activity for courageous water lovers!



Grab your surfboard and head down to the beach! Australia is notorious for its surfing fun so be sure to pop on your wet suit and catch some beasty waves this summer! Check out Sydney’s Manly Beach offering great breaks for surfers or drive down to Bells Beach in Torquay for some famous Melbourne waves. If you’re looking to learn, Byron Bay on the East Coast, as well as Margaret River and Ocean Beach in WA are renowned areas to brush up your skills and get cracking!



Go on a paddling adventure and enjoy a tranquil ride through Australia’s gorgeous waters! Whether you’re in a group, or kayaking by yourself, you can indulge the glorious natural beauty in a peaceful setting. Navigate through the Noosa River in Queensland, or enjoy a short distance paddle through Lake Conjola’s scenic waterways.

Helmet Diving


Head to the Great Barrier Reef and dive to the deeper depths of the ocean, where you can mooch along an underwater platform and walk in the coral. You simply wear a helmet filled with an oxygen supply that comfortably slips over your head. You don’t even need to know how to swim! You can have close encounters with the fishies and enjoy gorgeous cool waters.

The Cage of Death


This underwater adventure is truly an Aussie experience to remember. Find yourself in a clear cylinder, inches away from insanely massive saltwater crocodiles at Crocosaurus Cave in the heart of Darwin city! Watch the carnivorous creatures feast on their meal right before your eyes – getting the full 360 view.

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