Staycations – A vacation that won’t break the bank

When was the last time you explored your home city?

If your feeling the itch to travel but time and money is stopping you, why not enjoy a destination close to home and skip the jet lag and exchange rates!

Here are some reasons you should travel locally:

  1. Saving money
    -Don’t blow your dream car savings or destination wedding budget just because you need a vacation this weekend! If you cut out flights from the budget, you are sure to have a nice chunk of change to spare for when you do decide to travel outside the country.
  2. See your city like never before
    -Make a list of all the things you’ve wanted to do and see in your city but haven’t had a reason nor the time to. Be a tourist in your own city, rediscover and discover the things that will make you fall in love with where you live all over again.
  3. No packing
    -There is nothing more frustrating than realizing  you forgot to pack that one thing you told yourself NOT to forget! With what you have on and a few extra bits and bobs tossed in a over night bag you’re right to go without all the effort and hassle. And hey forgotten something? No reason why you can’t swing by home!
  4. Your pet can come with you
    -Whether you have a dog, a goldfish, or anything in between, they don’t have to miss out on the family holiday! This both saves on the cost of finding a sitter and saves you and your pet missing out on those important cuddles that would have been missed!
  5. Hassle free
    -No planning, no flight searching, no reading hundreds of hotel reviews, no airport security, no delayed flights, no…you get our point? Staycations not only save you money, but also from all the typical travel mishaps!
  6. Travel time is minimized
    -Are we there yet…? Traveling out of town often involves tedious time spent either on a plane, train or bus. Think about the time it would take to drive to a service apartment in your own city…30 minutes tops?
  7. Immediacy
    -Sometimes you really, really need a break, and you need that break NOW! The beauty of a staycation is that when you decide you need that emergency break, you can actually take it now! Jump online, book with, throw a change of clothes into a bag and just go!


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