Guide to pet friendly accommodation in Australia

Holidays are all about unwinding and spending time with your loved ones, including your favourite four-legged family members!

If  you’re tossing around the idea of whether to take your furry companion along for the trip or not, here a few reasons that just might help convince you that you definitely should…

  1. You’ll be keeping the family together
    Many people feel that time away isn’t complete without their dog around for love and companionship, so why should the family be broken up for a holiday?
  2. Kennels are pricey
    Wave goodbye to those pesky high kennel fees, as your dog will be right by your side for the whole holiday!
  3. New memories
    Creating new and happy memories is what it is all about when going away and creating memories with the ENTIRE family is what make those memories even more special!
  4. Stay active on the road
    Bringing your best pal on the road will mean greater incentive to spend more time outdoors!
  5. Dogs are great conversation starters
    If you’re a pet owner, we’re sure you already know what a good conversation starter pets are. Bringing your pet on a holiday will mean you’re bound to meet more locals!

With the growing trend and demand for being able to take your beloved fur babies on holiday, we have selected our top 10 pet friendly accommodation you can find!

1. Mango Tree Cottage– Pottsville, New South Wales, Australia103526.780

From $185/night – 3 Rooms for 3 to 6 Guests

 2. Bulla Hill 2– Bulla, Victoria, Australia83341.780

From $495/night – 6 Rooms for 6 to 12 Guests

3. Basil’s Brush– Byron Bay Hinterland, New South Wales, Australia85434.780

From $400/night – 4 Rooms for 4 to 10 Guests

4. Surf Mist– Smiths Beach, Phillip Island, Australia60219.780

From $445/night – 5 Rooms for 5 to 17 Guests

5. The Sun Pad – Sunrise BeachSunrise Beach, Sunshine Coast, Australia64224.780

From $977/night – 4 Rooms for 4 to 8 Guests

6. Five 4– Vincentia, New South Wales, Australia66403.780

From $560/night – 4 Rooms to 4 to 10 Guests

7. Beachworth Exquisite Hamptons StylePearl Beach, Central Coast, Australia81250.780

From $796/night – 5 Rooms for 5 to 16 Guests

8. Designer Home Opposite BeachPearl Beach, Central Coast, Australia82664.780

From $634/night – 4 Rooms for 4 to 10 Guests

9. A Top SpotByron Bay, New South Wales, Australia85373.780

From $460/night – 4 Rooms for 4 to 8 Guests

10. Culburra Beach HouseCulburra Beach, New South Wales, Australia57366.780

From $250/night – 5 Rooms for 5 to 14 Guests


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