5 heavenly lookouts in Tasmania

Wineglass Bay Lookout

Location: Freycinet National Park

Picture perfect Wineglass Bay is a national treasure and there is certainly a reason this simply spectacular vantage point is a must on anyone’s Tasmanian itinerary!

The three-kilometer track will undoubtedly get the heart pumping, but it’s hard to deny a reason for not making the hike, when a charming curved bay with dazzling white sand and azure waters awaits!

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The Neck Lookout

Location: Bruny Island

You really can’t go past The Neck at Bruny Island after witnessing the Fairy Penguins returning to their burrows at sunset from the viewing platform! The view from the lookout is one of Tasmania’s most iconic views and shows Simpson’s Bay to your right and on your left the vast Southern Ocean!

Hmm…which rival shoreline will you choose to have a dip in first?

The Neck in Bruny Island

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The Nut Lookout

Location: Stanley

The Nut is an ancient volcanic rock formation which dominates the local landscape of the quite town Stanley!

Reaching the top of The Nut can be done by a challenging but rewarding hike or opting for the more leisurely route via the chairlift, both resulting in a fantastic 360-degree view of the North West coastline.


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The Summit of Mount Wellington

Location: Wellington Park

Lookouts and observation decks from Mount Wellington provide nothing short of speechless vistas over Hobart and towards the east coast! The reserve is open all year-round, so walk, peddle or drive, it doesn’t matter Mount Wellington is waiting for you!


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Devil’s Gullet Lookout

Location: Moles Creek

The Devil’s Gullet offers nothing but a dramatic and moody side of Tasmania’s wilderness. The expansive views are endless with Mount Ossa and Cradle Mountain on show across the Fisher River valley.


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