7 instagrammable hotspots in South Australia

Holidaying in Adelaide with no idea what to do? Check out Aabode’s top picks of the state’s most instagrammable hotspots! Leave your holiday with a phone packed with great pictures to last you till your next holiday!

Wonderwalls, Port Adelaide

Photo Credits to CityMag
If you’re into street art and hand crafted wall murals, be sure to visit Wonderwalls in Port Adelaide! Bursting with creativity and colour, the area has become iconic for its many inspiring art exhibitions, crafted by reclaimed artists from all over the world!

Innes National Park, Inneston

Photo Credits to Robert Lang
For nature-loving photographers, Innes National Park is absolute paradise! From spectacular ocean views to interactive captures of wildlife, the national park has everything you’d want to see. Take photos of the rustic shipwrecks along the park’s beaches and grandiose lighthouses still operating today!

Solomon Street, Adelaide

Photo Credits to Broadsheet
Similar to Wonderwalls is Solomon Street. Famous for its unique graffiti art and baby pink coloured walls, Solomon Street is definitely the place to visit if you’re looking for a simple backdrop for the perfect instagram photo!

Remarkable Rocks, Kangaroo Island

Photo Credits to Australian Geographic
The Remarkable Rocks certainly lives up to its namesake as you’ll never see such stunning rock formations anywhere else! Bask in the sunlight, enjoy an ethereal ocean view and strike a pose in front of the hauntingly beautiful granite boulders.

Honeysuckle Lane, Prospect, Adelaide

Photo Credits to Laura Turner
Littered with small rustic cafes and awesome graffiti wall art, Honeysuckle Lane is a secret hotspot all Instagrammers visit for the best photos. And while you’re taking a break from your photo shoot, pay a visit to Cafe Komodo, famous for its funky vintage vibe and of course, delicious drinks!

Canola Fields, Clare Valley

Photo Credits to South Australia
If you’re visiting Adelaide in Spring, be sure to drive over to Clare Valley and share a photo of the majestic Canola Fields on Instagram. Capture nature at its best and boast about it to your friends because who doesn’t love a field of flowers in full bloom?

China Town, Adelaide

china town
Photo Credits to adelaidefoodcentral
Adelaide’s China Town is the perfect combination of awesome architecture and great food! With so many Chinese restaurants serving delicious and authentic Asian dishes, Adelaide’s China Town is the place to visit for all you foodstagrammers out there!

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