The Gold Coast: Everything You’d Ever Want In A Holiday

The Gold Coast is one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations. And this isn’t simply because of its long sandy beaches and surfing hotspots – the Gold Coast is complete with everything you’d ever want in a holiday!

With all sorts of adrenaline-filled activities to do, awe-inspiring sights to see and luxurious accommodations to enjoy, the Gold Coast is hands down the perfect all year round holiday destination for everyone.

For the Family
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The Village Roadshow Theme Parks are always catering to families by offering a variety of passes all year round for cheaper access to the Gold Coast’s famed amusement parks. Ticket types range from annual passes to unlimited entry for 3 days. Be sure to buy your tickets online to save $10 and keep a lookout on Groupon for the occasional discounted package deals!

Make the most of a family holiday by exploring the Gold Coast’s marine life extravaganza at Sea World, take on authentic Australian farm life experiences at Paradise Country and even immerse yourself in fantasy by visiting Movie World! In the Summer, Wet’n’wild is a must-go and for thrill-seekers, Dream World is another attraction with an abundance of amusement rides to challenge.

As the Gold Coast is known even internationally for its surfing community, where else will your kids learn to surf? Treat your kids to some surfing lessons from the experts at Get Wet Surf School for $30/hr. We can guarantee it’d make for some pretty good photo opportunities!

For Couples
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Currumbin beach is a resident favourite for its cozy small-town feel and hidden from all the bustling tourists, it is the perfect place to go for some alone time with your partner. After exploring the pocket beach, head over to Little Truffle, an award-winning fine dining Australian restaurant serving the most delicious foods your taste palette will ever experience!

At the Gold Coast, you can also plan some outdoor activities with your partner by heading over to the Springbook National Park. Witness mother nature’s beauty with your own eyes and do some exercise while you’re at it! Enjoy a romantic stroll and follow the park’s quiet trails to see glorious waterfalls, explore an underground glow-worm cave and more!

To truly make the most of your romantic adventure, why not book this stunning Penthouse Apartment in the heart of Currumbin, just meters from the beach! 

For Adventurers
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For adventurers, the Gold Coast offers many unforgettable outdoor experiences, such as snorkelling and kayaking tours. In particular, the Stradbroke Island Kayak and Snorkelling Tour is the perfect combination of exercise and stunning scenery, complete with Australian wildlife interaction. For under $100, spend a full day paddling around and exploring Australian seas to your heart’s content at the Gold Coast!

And for those interested in extreme sports, be sure to get a thrill out of the Gold Coast’s hot-air balloon rides and sky-diving services! Check out highly-rated Gold Coast Skydive and Hot Air Balloon Gold Coast for more information on the once-in-a-lifetime experiences and again, keep a lookout on Groupon for the seasonal sales!

For Yourself
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Sometimes it’s difficult to enjoy a relaxing holiday with company and travelling alone is just as fun –  so don’t be ashamed to treat yourself with a solo trip to the Gold Coast! Splurge on a combined theatrical and dining experience at the Dracula’s, where they serve you a spooky three course dinner while you’re watching an even spookier musical show!

Or if you’re looking for a healthy, de-stress retreat, the Gold Coast has you covered with some of Australia’s best spa and massage services. We recommend Q1 Resort and Spa! Located conveniently in Surfers Paradise, their reclaimed Royal Thai Massage is sure to be a refreshing experience!

With so many activities catered to all types of visitors, the Gold Coast is surely the place to be for your next holiday break! And how would you upgrade your holiday at the Gold Coast to perfection? By booking your accommodation through, where the most homely and comfortable living experience is always guaranteed at the most affordable prices!


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