How you could be saving over $1000 on accommodation

Everybody loves a good saving, especially when booking holiday accommodation…

Everybody loves a good saving, especially when booking holiday accommodation.

However, when booking holiday accommodation, you can often be charged with fees which significantly hike up the price of your holiday.

It is often the extra hidden fees which push nicer accommodation options out of your budget.

Get better value holiday accommodation for lesser money when booking through

When booking with, guests are charged only a small booking fee of 5%, comparable to sites such as Stayz and Airbnb, which charge guests 16-17%.

Not convinced that these extra fees are going to make an impact on your holiday budget?

We’ve compared properties which are currently live on with competitors; Airbnb and Stayz, and the savings are pretty pleasing to our wallets, with being significantly more affordable than competing sites.

Property listed at the same price on Aabode and Airbnb:

After comparing a property currently listed on Aabode and Airbnb at the exact same price, we found that guests could be saving $76 in extra fees by booking through due to Aabode’s smaller booking fees.  

What could you do with that saving?

You could name a star, buy a pet bed, or even an underwater pogo stick.

Property listed cheaper on Aabode:

By booking with, you could be saving $289, which could buy you a return flight to New Zealand, a pair of wireless Bose earphones, or even a new barbecue.

Property listed $150 less on Aabode compared to Airbnb:

$289 not good enough for you? How about $1,146? With that you could be buying flights to London, or fostering 23 baby elephants.

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 4.50.22 pm.png

Start choosing for more affordable accommodation options today!

Or even better, upload your property on free of charge!  Want to find out more? Click here.

Author: is a new disruptor in the holiday rental market, which has demonstrated rapid growth since our launch in 2017.

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