Why book accommodation through Aabode.com?

Aabode.com founded by a passionate customer focused team of experts in travel, accommodation, IT services and marketing.

The founders realised the current services for distribution of accommodation are being dominated by large uncaring platforms which seek to gouge and maximise returns at the expense of both the accommodation provider and guests.

Aabode.com is the future of private accommodation platforms, providing guests with holiday accommodation at greater value. Aabode.com has made holiday rentals a quick, easy and trusted process, with thousands of accommodation options to suit every guest’s taste, budget and style.

When booking holiday accommodation, guests are often charged hidden fees, which significantly hike up the price of the booking. At Aabode.com, there are no hidden fees, with every booking you will be charged a transparent fee of as little as 5%.

Aabode.com is centred around a user friendly, secure and reliable site that is constantly being modified to ensure you are receiving a safe and seamless experience. Our protected online booking system ensures every listing on our website has been personally validated or identified as trustworthy by members of our team, so guests can book with confidence.

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Author: Aabode.com

Aabode.com is a new disruptor in the holiday rental market, which has demonstrated rapid growth since our launch in 2017.

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