Why list your property with Aabode.com?

Aabode.com was founded by a passionate, customer focused team of experts in travel, accommodation, IT services and marketing.

The founders realised the current services for distribution of accommodation are being dominated by large uncaring platforms which seek to gouge and maximise returns at the expense of both the accommodation provider and guests.

Aabode.com is the future of private accommodation platforms, making holiday rentals a quick and easy process. The savings and perks of listing with Aabode.com are endless.

When listing accommodation on rental platforms, there are a number of fees which make listing your property almost seem pointless. When listing with Aabode.com, there are no fees. In fact, every property listed on Aabode.com are charged ZERO commissions, making listing free!

Listing with Aabode.com gives the owner complete control, where owners can list on their own terms. The best part? It only takes up to 15 minutes. Once you have completed the details of your property listing, it will be reviewed by the Aabode Team and the bookings will begin to flow in.

Aabode.com provides owners with ZERO commission on listings, a simple upload process and the choice to list property on their own terms! What more is there to say?

List your property now!

Author: Aabode.com

Aabode.com is a new disruptor in the holiday rental market, which has demonstrated rapid growth since our launch in 2017.

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